Stop Delivering Into Spam Folders

Start Delivering Emails Straight Into Inboxes

Grasp the opportunities to delivering email campaigns directly into the user inboxes and leverage success. OkDmarc will aggregate, enrich and analyse problems that are reported by email receiver servers, it will also find the issues out where you can do better.


Prompt Alerts

There is more than one way to prevent unauthorised email, and many different reasons why a receiving system might decide to accept or reject your email.

The report analysis tool gives you a breakdown in easy to understand English of how the receivers processed the email and why it did or did not accept the email.


OkDmarc will aggregate, enrich and analyse DMARC reports and automatically warn you about any problems that are reported by email receivers.

Alignment and authentication results provide much deeper insights over overall Email usage and misuses as well.


The unique OkDmarc self-learning algorithm if the first to accurately distinguish forwarding email services from malicious senders, which greatly reduces false positives.


The email monitoring feature gives insight into all emails being send using your domain name in the sender address.

This includes the email send from your email server, and third parties such as your marketing platform, billing system and reporting tools, but also unauthorised senders such as spammers or fraudsters.

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